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4 Ways You Can Contribute

Donate Funds

Your Sponsorship/Investment can enjoy a ROI of 80%. Used to establish a Brick Manufacturing Plant within a community.
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Our next Expedition scheduled to depart from Cape Town on 4 March 2019 (subject to funds).

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Sponsor Items

You may sponsor us with physical items needed for the daily operation of our Foundation.
E.g. Chaos Computers sponsored us PC’s, Zaid Mackay sponsored this Website as well the maintenance, Cape Canvas sponsors our sports car canopies, etc. For more info, click here


Everyone is invited to participate in any of our non-remuneration positions.

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Invest in a Brick Plant

If you, as an Investor, Sponsors a community with a Brick Plant you can expect to get your money back in 13-14 months time.
This investment will…
  1. Create jobs for them (the community),
  2. Transfer building-related skills and
  3. Create Entrepreneurial Opportunities.
For the Cash Flow Projection figures of our Unique Brick Manufacturing Plant simply download the PDF below…

Donate Funds

We are proud to be able to offer our esteemed sponsors incredibly high returns on any investment they may choose to make.
Our unique venture promises a return on investment (ROI), as well as a return on objectives (ROO).


Your monthly donation will help to establish a Brick Manufacturing Plant within a community in order to accomplish the following…


Because of restricted time constraints, the need for the transfer of much-needed building-related skills, along with proper facilities to accomplish it, has become an almost overwhelming challenge. The need demands a system that is quick and cost-effective.
The One-Day-House concept was born from this great challenge.
  • Open-plan structure consisting of Lounge/Dining Room/Kitchen, Bathroom and 1 or 2 x Bedrooms.
  • Building is constructed with our Africon Concrete Bricks, manufactured on-site by the local community.
  • Every house comes complete with electricity/solar-powered energy and equipped for a water-borne sewer system.
  • Starting with a completed concrete slab, workers can build the house in 1 day.

Anyone can get involved in sponsoring a One-Day House. Individuals, families, churches, youth groups, businesses and schools are reaching out to provide housing for those who need it. 

You can sponsor a One-Day House now for just $8,000 or support our $10 Fundraiser Programme.


The One-Day Church initiative is a response to the urgent need for a church. Thousands of congregations around the globe meet in a house or under a tree every week.

The One-Day Church strives to meet these needs with a high-quality, low-cost, quickly constructed building.

Without a proper meeting place to call their own, congregations often dwindle and eventually disappear. These congregations want a church building very badly but do not have the resources to construct a permanent framework and roof.

  • We use our Africon Bricks to build the exterior walls.
  • The congregation supplies their ‘sweat equity’ and window frames
  • In this way a representative church home can be provided quickly and economically to thousands of church families across the globe.
  • The One-Day Church is a rugged galvanized steel structure with a vented roof.
  • The walls and floor can be finished with our concept in one/two days.
  • The One-Day Church is 20 x 38 feet (6.1 x 11.6 meters) and can seat approximately 150 people.

You can sponsor a share of a One-Day Church for $12,000. 2 shares make a complete sponsorship.

Because of the rapid population explosion, the need for Education, along with proper facilities to accomplish that, has become an almost overwhelming challenge. The need demands a system that is quick and cost-effective.

The One-Day School was born from this great challenge.


  • This building can be used as a single classroom, or in quantity to create a complete campus for larger schools.
  • Many One-Day Schools will be used in warm or hot climates, so engineers and architects paid close attention to ventilation when designing the structure.
  • The roof is white to reflect the sun and the exterior walls are constructed with Africon Bricks while large windows and strategic vents promote airflow and thermal efficiency.
  • Starting with a completed concrete slab, unskilled workers can build the classroom building in a single day, and be ready for classes to start the next.
A share of a One-Day School can be sponsored for $12,000. 3 shares make a complete sponsorship.

Anyone can get involved in sponsoring a One-Day School. Governments, individuals, families, churches, youth groups, and schools are reaching out to provide education for children who need it.

The Need (And greater good).

  • With the 1996 South African Census reflecting a housing backlog of 2, 202, 519.
  • Since coming to power in 1994, the state has built only 1,4 million Low Income housing units.
  • The backlog now stands at more than 3,000,000 – counting Low Income and Affordable units.

Other Housing Backlogs include:

Philippines: 5,8m (2016)
Zambia: 1,5m (2014)
Zimbabwe: 1,25m (2008)
Nigeria: 17,5m (2010)
India: 9m (2014)
To read more about this overwhelming need, click here.

Invitations From All Over The World

We now have invitations from no fewer than 17 countries such as Nigeria, Angola and DRC, as well as:
  • Ethiopia – To build a Seventh-Day Adventist Church,
  • Philippines – To build a Holiday House for a Millionaire’s Wife,
  • India – To build a School,
  • Zimbabwe – To set up a Brick Manufacturing Plant,
  • Malawi – Several Housing/School Projects,
  • Mozambique – New Contract to build Up-Market Holiday Houses,
  • Magaliesberg, Gauteng –  A Housing Development Project on a farm and Mexico (2 x Invitations to Train Women Entrepreneurs).
Enquiries are coming in all the time but we reject most due to lack of funds.

Specific Projects & Events

  • 29,9M2 house built in 1 Day in Cape Town, South Africa with only five unskilled workers.
  • Re-Construction of house destroyed by fire in Tafelsig, Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, Western Cape Province of South Africa
  • Unique Brick manufacturing & Building Concept  (Details enclosed) -creating thousands of Job Opportunities across Africa
  • Entrepreneurial/Business  Opportunities and Training Programme in Valanculos, Mozambique
  • Call for Sponsors to set-up Brick Manufacturing Plants in developing countries with serious Housing Backlogs.

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