The Dave Sassman Foundation

'Building bridges & dreams and taking jobs to the people'

NPC No. 2015/303151/08

The Dave Sassman Foundation

The Dave Sassman Foundation is one of the more unique Non Profit Organisations in Cape Town. They exist to ensure that Underprivileged and Previously Disadvantaged people have a secure and hygienic home to live in.


We use a specialized building system to rapidly create new homes, churches and other structures while simultaneously empowering communities through skill development, job creation, and other benefits listed below.


Our Unique Brick Manufacturing & Building System together with your generous donations allow us to accomplish the following…

Services We Provide To Underprivileged Communities

1. Skills Training

2.  Brick Manufacturing/Supply
3.  Building Plans (to Approval)
4.  Fundraising
5.  Immigration
6.  Finance
7.  Accounting
8.  Welfare
9.  Transport and Tours
10. Cooking Classes (Health)
11. Job Creation (15 jobs as opposed to 5)
12. Create Entrepreneurial Opportunities (Men/Women/Youth)
13. Humanitarian Projects
14. Emergency Housing
15. Motivational Presentations
16. Health and Wellness

Skills Training

Building-related skills are taught to
unskilled and handicapped people
in Urban and Rural areas by way of manufacturing our unique
concrete bricks ‘by hand’.

When Ready, the learners are trained to build/extend their own houses (top structures). This is done in a
relatively short period of time.

Job Creation

Our Unique Brick Manufacturing
& Building System creates up to 25 sustainable jobs within a community.

Of which, 15 in the manufacturing
process and 5-10 in the construction
of top structures.

Several Business/Entrepreneurial Opportunities are also created.


Press Release by Messrs EIN PRESSWIRE of Washington DC was launched on (Date TBA)

Another Press Release is due in February 2019 from Cape Town, South Africa.



Emergency Housing

When we receive an urgent call from a community-based organization for the re-construction of a house that has burned-down or severely damaged by nature.

Due to financial constraints we are not always able to concede to such requests.

Your support/donations will ensure that we would be able to respond positively, quickly.

One Day House

The house is constructed with our Africon Concrete Bricks, manufactured on-site by the local community.

Every house comes complete with electricity/solar-powered energy and equipped for a water-borne sewer system. Starting with a completed concrete slab, workers can build the house in 1 day.

One Day Church

The One-Day Church is a rugged galvanized steel structure with a vented roof.

The walls and floor can be finished with our Concept in one/two days.

The One-Day Church is 20 x 38 feet (6.1 x 11.6 meters) and can seat approximately 150 people.